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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy (privacy policy)

We promote protection of personal information by ranno village Okinawa (as follows "we") establishing the following privacy policy, and building structure of personal information protection, and enforcing recognition and approach of importance of personal information protection on all employees.

■Management of personal information

We take necessary measures such as thorough maintenance, employee education of maintenance, regime of security system that we keep personal information of customer the correct and latest state and prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, manipulation, leak to personal information and we carry out safety measures and perform severe management of personal information.

■The use purpose of personal information

We will use personal information that I took from customer for sending of E-mail and information as answer to information for notification and duties from us and question.

■Prohibition of disclosure, offer to third party of personal information

We will not disclose personal information to third party unless we manage personal information that I took than customer appropriately and correspond to any of the following.

  • ・When there is agreement of customer
  • ・When we disclose for supplier whom we entrust with duties because customer gives service hoped for
  • ・When it is necessary to disclose based on laws and ordinances

■Safety measures of personal information

We take perfect measures against security for accurate and safe securing of personal information.

■Inquiry of the person

When inquiry, correction, deletion of personal information of the person is hoped for, customer copes after checking being the person.

■Laws and ordinances, the observance and review of model

We observe Japanese laws and ordinances applied about personal information to hold, other models and review content of this policy appropriately and act for the improvement.


Please inform of inquiry about the handling of our personal information at the following.

ranno village Okinawa

〒904-1114 961-30, Ishikawakadekaru, Uruma-shi, Okinawa
TEL: 098-965-3400 FAX: 098-965-1935

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