Play in forest of 'Bios no Oka' - subtropical zone, learn

'Bios no Oka' Team Building Program "teigokai"

Nature for 5.3 Tokyo Dome is field!
In "non-daily life" in 'Bios no Oka' experience
To thing which is stronger in capacity for organization

'Bios no Oka' Team Building Program
Characteristic of "teigokai"

  • In environment to touch naturally notice
  • Contact with plant and animal
  • Program to sense thanks bodily

Programming schedule (an example)

Total about 150 minutes, 1 group six ・
It becomes to up to 72 people (12 groups).

Arrival of 'Bios no Oka'
Is divided into group; and entrance in garden
We get on lake admiration ship
We program and explain while being jolted in ship
We finish sight-seeing by lake admiration ship, and mission starts
We are divided into three by each team two unit,
We challenge 1st session based on written instructions
Based on written instructions, 2nd mission starts
It is great jump rope of group match after task
We cooperate in Nature in group and jump!
Finally, it is made with souvenir together
Result announcement
We challenge special program of championship team
Taking a ceremonial photograph
The end of the program


  • Please participate with mobile clothes and footwear.
  • It is impossible of drinking, and please refrain from participation of person in poor physical condition.
  • We hope that we do not talk about answer and place of mission aloud.
  • We should prohibit publication to SNS and WEB about mission contents of this program.

<inquiry, application>

Inquiry about this program. Please inform of application at the following. Please confirm the following guidance material after downloading about guidance material, application.

TEL: 098-965-3400

FAX: 098-965-1935

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