Play in forest of 'Bios no Oka' - subtropical zone, learn

Extra-large swing

Mark usually open as for the scenery to remove from big swing of about 5 meters in height view of the world from different height expanse at all.

You can enjoy from swing of thrill perfect score except lake to swing to be able to spend relaxedly while feeling subtropical Nature to be below.

As for five places of extra-large swings to be able to enjoy different scenery each in garden, adult goes back to child, too and is sure to get rollick!

Free (separately admission charges)
Business hours
Around omoigotei, chanting of a Noh text garden, dance garden from admission mouth about 200m (about 10 minutes on foot)


  • Utilization time of child of adult see, and I would like defense.
  • There are five around omoigotei, chanting of a Noh text garden, dance garden.


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