Play in forest of 'Bios no Oka' - subtropical zone, learn


Subtropical floras only in Okinawa grow thick, and vast dragon pond in the center in garden can observe various animals and plants while rowing by canoe over clear lake, and advancing. As there are not wave and flow such as the sea and river, it is possible for canoe experience with first and child in peace.

Please enjoy the unhurried water walk by canoe in quiet lake. As it is canoe with a little worry to get wet, you can participate in everyday wear casually.

Adult 1,500 yen
800 yen for children (separately admission charges)
Age limit
4 years or older
The time required
About 30 minutes
Business hours
Intricate design ship ground (anchorage) from admission mouth about 200m (about 10 minutes on foot)


  • Child who is younger than primary schoolchild becomes the use by adult companion.
  • There is simple lecture before departure.
  • In rainy day, there is rental of poncho.
  • 40 number of people at the same time for maximum
    (in the case of the use, please refer for reservation required, group rate in ※ 20 or more)


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