Play in forest of 'Bios no Oka' - subtropical zone, learn

dosantengokai (michimitinuma ...)

Let's go to subtropical forest of about 50 minutes for the exploration with commentary of the staff about various nature of Okinawa that is the only subtropical climate in Japan!

Canoe experiences lake of vast dragon pond (ufutachigumui) with guide after the exploration and can touch many animals and plants.

Course where is recommended to person who wants to fully sense subtropical Nature bodily.

Adult 5,000 yen, dwarf 3,500 yen
※Road according to admission
Age limit
4 years or older
The time required
About two hours
Business hours
Until 9:30-15:30 start
Admission mouth


  • It becomes running from two people.
  • Please make a reservation the day before by 17:00. (TEL: 098-965-3400)
  • When there is canoe reservation of the other menu at the time, we may ask for adjustment.
  • 80 capacity (more than 40 cases put two groups, and they become guide in substitute system)
  • We prepare for drink at the time of break.
  • Please inquire for more than 20 groups rate.


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