Play in forest of 'Bios no Oka' - subtropical zone, learn

Canoe with guide

Guide shows around the garden than admission mouth. As we will show operation of canoe from the beginning, even the first person is reliable.

We finally start on lake walk by canoe with guide after the lecture!

As wave and current are lakes which there is few, even beginner can enjoy canoe experience for relief, security.

Adult 2,100 yen
※Road according to admission
Age limit
More than junior high student
The time required
About 90 minutes
Business hours
9:30-16:30 (admission reception desk)
Admission mouth


  • It becomes tour running of the sky more than ten people. (40 capacity)
  • Please make a reservation the day before by 17:00. (TEL: 098-965-3400)
  • Canoe becomes the use in principle 1 boat two people.
  • Tour becomes start from admission mouth.
  • Please inquire for more than 20 groups rate.


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