Play in forest of 'Bios no Oka' - subtropical zone, learn

Water buffalo car

Is jolted for unhurried steps of water buffalo; and walk in garden. We can sense force and strength of water buffalo having the big corner bodily close.

Let's enjoy Okinawa time leisurely while doing bios and Okinawa nokotooyuntaku (talking in dialect of = Okinawa)!

900 yen for adults, dwarf (4 years old ... primary schoolchild) 600 yen (separately admission charges)
The time required
About 20-25 minutes
Business hours
Azumacho shop from admission mouth about 200m (about 10 minutes on foot)


  • You can purchase ticket at Azumacho shop.
  • Under 4 years old are available free. (on knee)
  • It travels at interval for 30 minutes. (in one hour after 12 take a rest)
  • 20/ of number of people at the same time for maximum


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