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Let's thoroughly enjoy food only in Okinawa or representative ice blue seal ice cream of Okinawa.

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Okinawa soba

Okinawa is Okinawa soba.
Taco rice and Okinawa sobanoiitokodorioshita octopus soba are recommended, too.

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Taco rice

Seoul foods of Okinawa citizen of the prefecture who supported Okinawa after the war. It is hot and has a good appetite even in the summer.

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Juicy onigiri

Have mixed rice "Jushi" of Okinawa with simple onigiri.

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Blue seal ice

We choose from 14 kinds of flavor if you like.
Soft serve offers two kinds.

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Kids hamburg

Set menu which cake was included in to hamburg which children liked.

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Chicken steak

Soup and salad eat with set, and meet chicken which genovese sauce matched; one article that there is.

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Soft and fluffy pancake

Pancake which we put in-house production passion fruit sauce of relief on and deep red potato-based pancake are popularity!

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Snow cone

In nine kinds of ice menus, passion fruit snow cone of in-house production is recommended!

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