Play in forest of 'Bios no Oka' - subtropical zone, learn

Hello from 'Bios no Oka'

Pretty! Fun! ○○○! which we are absorbed in

Everybody hello ...!


Garden is inner and introduces product which it is in one of anchorage, and is sold at stand called [kashinuchi shop]!

Oh, this pretty article? ? ?

It turns out that we see well.

Soap bubbles - ﰜ

We want to sometimes do it.

We are absorbed when we do it.

'Bios no Oka', such a thing are sold, too!

In nature, we are good even if we do when we want to spend forgetting time leisurely,

When it is fine, we are good even if we do it to take clean photograph,

How about family, brothers, friends enjoying?

[kashinuchi shop] In this other than soap bubbles,

Classic cheap candy,

Rare playthings

We sell a lot!

We wait for coming of everybody by all means!

Chin tsai which likes sushi

Beauty and others Island mai


Photocontest 2017