Play in forest of 'Bios no Oka' - subtropical zone, learn

Hello from 'Bios no Oka'

It bloomed in earnest!

High rhinoceros! Went to okinawakokusaiyoranhaku*kai, and was healed by many orchids; nowadays (*' `*)

Although being cold now in garden
Slightly various flowers including cherry blossoms "hikan (kanhi) zakura" and "obanasoshinka" of Okinawa another name "sorrel tree" bloomed, and my favorite flower flowered in earnest in that

The flower becomes this (* ≧∀≦ *)

This is looking forward to that I bloom every year
It becomes "ryukyuasebi"!
By the way, we write that we write andromeda in kanji with "andromeda". When horse eats this, it is said that horse came to get drunk by poison included in andromeda, and it is said that there was this kanji from now on.

As for place and the form of flower that the pretty points of this flower are loaded with flower and bloom personally, flower is small the greatest pretty point with pot-shaped flower such as wind-bell! ← (small curious)

As this ryukyuasebi has more buds, and there is still even this which there is not at time as flowering itself is plant late at all to see immediately, to see by all means this pretty andromeda; next tekudasai (● 'ω `●)

Chin tsai which likes sushi

Beauty and others Island mai


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