Play in forest of 'Bios no Oka' - subtropical zone; learn

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Photocontest 2016

Small ⼦ attendant is dreamy state of mind

From infant getting on stroller to child in the bloom of naughtiness, we can enjoy in Nature in peace at ease.

Adult is child's mind, too

Bamboo stilts or hula-hoop play good old playground equipment with child, and they are refreshed. ryo cousin is just slightly crazy about child to show…

Even the elderly are reliable

Walk is very comfortable in subtropical Nature leisurely. As you are barrier-free, please enjoy appreciation of flowers in peace.

Pleasing ⽅ of 'Bios no Oka'

Learning is full simply because it is Okinawa where nature is still adjoining.
Play that came out of feel and nature, culture, the history with creature,
    From child to adult, you can sense "natural experience to bring up heart" bodily.

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